A Letter From Our Safety Team.

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Gateway Church is committed to serving its people and the community. Part of this commitment is the safety of our people while at our church. Jon Sparks has done a lot of work over the last several months to improve the safety of our church. The Safety Team serves several roles and they see themselves as a ministry first. Team members are the eyes and ears around the church in case of an emergency so that the congregation can worship God safely. They help in medical situations, natural disasters and emergency situations in and around the church building. The team has also taken steps to be vigilant and prepared for problems that may arise such as a person in the church trying to harm others. You may notice some changes around your church building over the next few weeks. We will be installing a camera system around the building to help protect the church and its members. Some exterior doors are locked to help control access to the building. The goal of the Safety Team is to be vigilant in its ministry to keep the church and congregation safe at all times.


If you would like to volunteer for the Safety Team please reply to safetyteam@gccnaz.org.

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