Renew Series

renew January 31 Jn. 17:17 Sanctified…Truth…Word Principles of scripture existed before the Bible 1. The Ultimate Goal of Life is an Intimate Relationship with Our Father Jn. 17:3 2. Our Father is Gracious Jn. 17:7 3. Our Father Loves Us Jn. 17:8 4. The Lagniappe of Life is an Intimate Relationship with God’s Family Jn….

Revelation Series

  We invite you to join us this summer as we take a deeper look into what the book of Revelation is teaching us about the kingdom of God.     WEEK ONE PODCAST CLICK HERE WEEK THREE PODCAST CLICK HERE Week Four Podcast Click Here Week Five Podcast Click Here Week Six Podcast Click…

Questions Jesus Asked

  Jesus asked some amazing questions to his disciples 2000 years ago and they need to be answered today.  “What are you doing more than these?”  “Who do you say I am?”   Questions Blog Week One Questions Podcast Week One Questions Blog Week Two Questions Podcast Week Two